• LMP : 200
  • M3/hr : 12.0
  • No. of Cylinder/day : 35 – 40
  • cfm : 100
  • Pressure in kg/cm2 : 7
  • Power in KW/1 Ph : 18.5
  • Dimension : 7*2*3.5
  • Oxygen Purity : 90-94%
  • Oxygen Pressure : 4-5 bar a
  • Air Pressure : 7 bar g
  • Air Inlet Temperature : 45 deg C max
  • Ambient Temperature : 45 deg C max
  • Air Quality : ISO 8573 – 2010 class 1-4-1
  • Design Code :  ASME Sec VIII Div-I 

Calitech Biotechnologies PSA based Medical Oxygen Plants are designed in such a way, it will work at site 24 x 7 without any trouble. All the components used in plants are highly reliable and tested as per Industrial standards. It is fully Automatic and virtually requires no attention of the Operator. Trained service personal will attend the service calls, Video call for breakdown as well as preventive, maintenance. 


  • Produce Oxygen as per Demand 
  • Avoid Cylinder Availability Issues 
  • Avoid Logistics and Management Problem
  • Gas sensors and PLC Based Warning system 
  • Concentration up to 90-94%
  • Eliminate safety risk associated with handling high pressure cylinders 
  • System is totally automatic and All operations take place automatically 
  • Oxygen Purity remain very Consistent


Atmospheric Air Contains 78% of Nitrogen and 21% of Oxygen. Oxygen in PSA method is generated by nitrogen from Atmospheric air and let the Oxygen be collected for use . This is done by using a special have selective adsorption affinity for adsorption of Nitrogen Molecule and let the Oxygen goes out. This phenomenon adsorption of Nitrogen gas molecules on The adsorbent is under pressure and is know as Pressure Swim Adsorption.

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