• Model: O-30
  • Flow Rate: 2-30 +- 2 LPM
  • Purity 93+-3%
  • Outlet Pressure: 0.04-0.07 MPA
  • Input Voltage: 110-120VAC@60Hz
  • Power Consumption: 1500W
  • Sound Level: <50dB
  •  Altitude: 5000mtr
  • Operating Temperature: 10 °C-40 °C / 30-95%Rh
  • Dimension (mm): L 350* W 1050 * H 600
  • Weight (kg): 60 Kg 

Oxygen is the most important clinical gas used in health care centers and Hospitals. Oxigo is a compact yet powerful design with cost efficacy and reliable Compact Oxygen Generator for your hospital / House / Emergencies areas / Ambulances and isolation wards. Our special design makes Our Oxigo a special Compact Oxygen Generator that will work anytime anywhere 24/7 and will reduce your cost of Oxygen therapy along with uninterrupted oxygen supply up to 30 LPM. 


Oxigo uses (PSA) technology widely used for oxygen provision in healthcare applications, especially where liquid or pressurized oxygen is too dangerous or inconvenient, such as in homes or portable clinics. For other purposes.

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