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Operation Theater Validation

Operation theater validation as per NABH Guideline

  •  Need for Hospital Equipment Validation of Air Conditioning In Operation Theatres (0T)s Every Operation theatre must be Validated for the Air Quality Heat, Ventilation, Air Conditioning etc so that the environment for surgery is safe. Validation of system to bedone as per ISO 14664standard.
  •  Temperature and Humidity check
  •  Air particulatecount
  •  Air Change Rate Calculation
  •  Air velocity at outlet of terminal filtration unit /filters
  •  Pressure Differential levels of the OT wrto ambient / adjoining areas
  •  Validation of HEPA Filters by appropriate tests like DOP (Dispersed Oil Particulate) /PAO (Poly Alpha Olefin) et
  •  Provide Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for above Equipment and Validation System.
  •  Accreditation agencies like NABL, NABH, JCAH 0, etc. insist on hospitals/Healthcare Centre to provide high quality patient care in
    which the use.

Master Instruments For Operation Theater Validation

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