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Biomedical and Hospital Equipment Calibration

The Biomedical Calibration measurements, is important because they establish whether the medical devices are appropriate, according to the international standards or not. The calibration also helps to minimize miss diagnosis caused by poorly calibrated machine. It is very important to configure hospital systems, according to the standard calibration because these machines need to be absolutely accurate since it is a matter of life and death.


  • Bio Medical and Hospital Equipment Calibration
  • Biomedical Calibration is the process of configuring the measurement and the accuracy of the medical device or system used in Healthcare Centre and Life sciences. This field intends to offer advance healthcare treatment, including diagnosis, monitoring and therapy.

    The range of healthcare diagnostic equipment that can be tested includes:

  • Calibration services of Healthcare Diagnostic Equipment includes:
    •  Weighing Scale
    •  Electronic Balance
    •  Thermometer
    •  Blood Bank Glassware
    •  Pathological Lab Instruments
    •  BP Apparatus, Digital Bp Monitor
    •  Infusion Pump, Syringe Pump
    •  Suction Machine
    •  Electrical Safety Testing
    •  Surgical Lights, Sounds, Centrifuges
    •  Patient Monitor
    •  Ventilator
    •  ICU Monitor/Equipment’s
    •  Anesthesia Workstation
    •  Gas Flow Analyzer
    •  Autoclave, Hot Air Oven, Water Bath
    •  Deep Freezer, Refrigerator
    •  Incubator Analyzer
    •  Laminar Air Flow System
    •  Defibrillator
    •  ECG Machine
    •  Pulse Oxy-Meter
    •  SPO2
    •  Pacemaker
    •  Oxygen Concentrator / Meter
    •  Motorized OT Table
    •  Bed, Wheelchair-Resistance
    •  Diathermy Machine

    Technology in hand

    •  Electrical Safety Analyzer By Fluke (USA)
    •  ProSim SPOT Light Sp02 Pulse Oximeter Analyzer By Fluke (USA)
    •  QA-ES III Electrosurgical Analyzer By Fluke (USA)
    •  Impulse7000DP Defibrilator Analyzer By Fluke (USA)
    •  VT MOBILE ENG Gas Flow Analyzer By Fluke (USA)
    •  IDA-1S Infusion Device Analyzer By Fluke (USA)
    •  Digital Lux Meter By Fluke (USA)
    •  Digital Tachometer By Fluke (USA)
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