“A division of CALITECH group of Companies”


CALITECH (NABL Accredited 17025 Laboratory) has over 15 years' experience of maintaining leadership in Calibration & Validation in Pharma Industries. Our Venture "CALITECH BIOTECHNOLOGIES" was established on November 2016 and is dedicated for working in the Healthcare segment and offers calibration and validation services for bio medical & hospital equipment.

We also deal in sales and services of medical equipment like Ventilators, AED “Automated External Defibrillator”, Patient Monitors and Hospital furniture etc. CALITECH BIOTECHNOLOGIES has designed a unique machine MEDICAL OXYGEN GAS GENERATOR for uninterrupted needs of oxygen to medical and hospitals.

We commit to deliver the highest value, we continually strive to strengthen, shape and lead the industry in everything we do. We desire to rise to new challenges, and grow our business lines by best understanding, and focusing outward on the creation of value. Placing consumers and customers at the core of everything we do, we wish to build deep and enduring relationships.

Our product is committed to “Make in India” initiative, Calitech biotechnologies have developed the most eco-friendly and safe product.

To make MOSS a technology which will bring revolution in current oxygen supply system in healthcare segment. With a team dominated by technology specialists, we believe superior quality is the future of medical oxygen machines!

Beliefs and practices are important to us. At the heart of every product we design, manufacture and deliver, every solution we innovate, and every conversation we have both in our team and with our customer are the values that represent our core beliefs and commitments. We rate individuality and diversity highly but at the same time, we take pride in saying that our entire team, at Calitech Biotechnologies , embraces and embodies the core values we stand for. This is the foundation for every single decision we make.

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