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Our Venture “CALITECH BIOTECHNOLOGIES” was established in November 2016 and is dedicated to serving the Healthcare segment and offers calibration and validation services for biomedical & hospital equipment like PSA Oxygen Generators, Medical Oxygen Plants. We are dedicated to oxygen plant manufacturing in India and so Calitech Biotechnologies has designed a unique machine ‘MOSS’- Medical Oxygen Supply System which is a portable oxygen generator for uninterrupted needs of oxygen to medical facilities and hospitals.

Our Products


Moss produces oxygen using atmospheric air and shows real time purity compliant with local/international protocols.


Calitech Biotechnologies PSA based Medical Oxygen Plants are designed in such a way, it will work at site 24 x 7 without any trouble.


Oxigo is compact yet powerful design with cost efficiency and reliable oxygen generator for your hospital / house with uninterrupted supply upto 30LPM.

Ideal Oxygen generators for your Hospital and your Patients.

Bringing a revolution in the health care and medical sector. An exclusive device ‘MOSS- Medical Oxygen Supply System’, an excellent PSA Oxygen Generator build by us, which will save lives by supplying Oxygen to patients anytime, anywhere.

The Ideal Alternative to Oxygen Cylinders, Available wherever you want!

The New “Portable Moss Oxygen Generator” Takes Care of Your Medical Care Everywhere.

The Ideal Alternative to Oxygen Cylinders, Available for use wherever you want!

The New PORTABLE Moss OXYGEN PLANT Takes Care of Your Medical Care Everywhere


Medical Research Centre


Medical Emergency Centre


Covid Centres


Operation Theatres

We also provide services like

Biomedical Calibration is the process of configuring the measurement and the accuracy of the medical device or system used in the Healthcare Centre and Life sciences. This field intends to offer advanced healthcare treatment, including diagnosis, monitoring and therapy.

Need for Hospital Equipment Validation of Air Conditioning In Operation Theatres (OT)s. Every Operation theatre must be Validated for the Air Quality Heat, Ventilation, Air Conditioning etc so that the environment for surgery is safe. Validation of system to be done as per ISO 14664 standard.

Calitech Biotechnologies has designed a unique machine ‘MOSS’ Medical Oxygen Supply System for uninterrupted needs of oxygen to medical and hospitals. It is a medical Oxygen Plant with newly designed features to give your medical facility the best Medical Oxygen Generator there was. MOSS PSA Oxygen Plant is designed to take care of all your patients with excellent technology keeping genuine and everyday problems that facilities face with Medical Oxygen Plants in mind.

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Oxylife System Pvt Ltd 
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Nelloli Enterprise Pvt Ltd
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Pioneer Life Science Enterprises Pvt Ltd
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Winnieson Pharma And Healthcare Pvt Ltd
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Quality Catalyst Pvt Ltd

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Contact Person: Mr. Pawan Mishra - sales@qcplworld.com

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  • Best Quality
  • Modulation of parts
  • Regular Check System

Economic Feasibility

  • Excellent cost saving compared to existing liquid Oxygen
  • 10% cheaper or more


  • Convenient in managing, do not need refill to or exchange


  • Simple work
  • Easy to operate
  • Need a small place for installation


  • Secured safety against an explosion

Customers reviews

What people say?

It was a huge relief for us when our hospital applied Moss for our patients. It was easily operatable and for its portability, we could get oxygen in different rooms to treat our patients too. Moss has brought a drastic change for us Also, it was cherry on top that the oxygen plant setup cost was not very high.
Dr Jaya Gulati
We applied Moss in our facility and without a doubt, it is the best. It saved us from our daily trouble of dealing with heavy and risky Oxygen powerplants. We had to call a regulator to help us with our previous oxygen plant but with Moss, it is very easy and safe.
Mr Nitin Pal
Moss Oxygen Plants Generators are very to use. We have been using them for a long time and the company has excellent service and customer care. The purity of the oxygen plant is always intact and we are thinking of implementing more Moss plants in our facility now. Moss is clearly the best for hospital use.
Mr Jatin Khurana
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